School Data

As part of the New Hampshire Department of Education’s dedication to transparency, communication, and the success of its students, they created iPlatform, which provides the education data stories from the various schools/districts through an interactive online portal. I know how important the school district is when selecting a home for parents or young adults with aspirations of a family one day so I wanted to showcase this incredible free resource. We all have a common interest in the success of our education system and share the aspiration of well-educated students to better our local communities and future as a whole. The New Hampshire Department of Education believes in the local communities having control of their education systems so the data provided covers a wide variety of information to paint the best possible picture for each specific district. If you have any additional questions or need help, please check out their webpage on the iPlatform and the available training resources.

Disclaimer: This information has been provided to better assist customers and clients with their decisions about the various school systems in New Hampshire. I am in no way affiliated with the New Hampshire Department of Education and am not responsible for the iPlatform system , its maintenance, or the data provided in any way shape of form.